Monday, 23 May 2016

Website issues that you thought were small

Technology experts and IT professionals worldwide are constantly trying to improvise user experience. For this reason, it is very important for website owners to ensure that every little details is understood and made to think twice before included in the list of website development.

Small Website Issues

Old Or Uninteresting Design

When it comes to website development, in today’s time the design is much more important. Also, uninteresting designs are one of those things that make a difference to the overall image of the brand. Many websites still have the old design which implies that your brand may be outdated or does not have a good taste. It makes an impact on the enthusiasm factor too.

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Loading Time

The loading time of the website is one of the crucial aspects as that becomes your deciding factor whether your users will stay on the website or wait to load. The loading time can be one of the reasons that you are losing out on your users.

Pop Ups & Ads

Considering the user experience, sometimes ads and pop ups can be very distracting for users. This creates a negative image of the brand. Also, the more you are trying to sell through ads, the desperate you sound. Avoid having too many ads. Also, if you are including a pop up then make sure it is animated and designed in a way that it does not act like distraction.

Content Errors

This is a very small issues but yet a one with a long term impact. If your content has errors or grammatical mistakes, then it can create a negative image of your brand where it creates doubts on your expertise. Make sure all your content is updated and proofread. Also avoid having older content that is culminating in an uninteresting experience.

Audio & Video Overload

Too much of anything can spoil the feel. Anything that do is has to be quantified. Don’t overload your website with Audio and Video – one reason it can make a very heavy website which will be slow to load and second reason that it can be very irritating for your users.

Website Development is More than just Development

To develop a website is simply much more than simply developing a website. It is important to understand that in today’s competitive times, the reasons for such development is not only in your hands but also a matter of time and money. So it is important that you stand out from the rest of the crowd and manage to attract your audience to your website.

I hope you consider these points when you are developing a website so that you do not miss out these small issues that can lead to bigger problems in a long term. Write to me on the problems you are facing with your website, I can help you out since I come from the website development background and experience of development with different technologies.

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